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Mriya completes sunflower sowing

Mriya Agro Holding has completed the sunflower sowing on 32,200 hectares in Ternopil, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivytsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and Lviv oblasts. Sunflower is one of Mriya’s key crops. This is the third year running Mriya has grown it.

‘We sowed sunflower according to the agronomists’ schedule over a period of almost 40 days,’ said Mriya Agro Holding production director Vladislav Tyutyunnik. ‘For this sowing campaign, we have made the most of both our existing equipment and also new machinery purchased at the beginning of the season. In particular, we used 17 seed drills to plant sunflower on an area of over 32,000 hectares. We are already seeing growth above ground on over 50% of it.’

This year Mriya Agro Holding is planting hybrid seed from producers including Maїsadour, Syngenta, Pioneer, DSV and Euralis.

This season Mriya Agro Holding plans to work 85,400 hectares for spring crops and 55,000 hectares for winter crops. Sugar beet has also been introduced in 2017, for the first time since Mriya’s change of ownership, and has already been sown on 3500 hectares in Ternopil oblast.