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Mriya Agro Holding among the best taxpayers in Ternopil oblast

The taxes and levies paid to budgets at all levels in Ternopil oblast in 2017 amounted to UAH 5.1b, an increase in tax receipts of UAH 1.4b (38.6%) over the previous year—the State Fiscal Service for the region has announced. A meeting entitled ‘Conscientiously paying taxes is a commitment to prosperity in Ternopil region’ named the region’s best taxpayers, on whose great efforts the development and overall economic stability of the region depend. Mriya Agro Holding was among them. The Mriya deputy finance director Irina Dmiterko said: ‘It is incumbent on all conscientious and honest companies, if they are prepared to do business transparently and openly, that they pay their taxes. Mriya Agro Holding is a company that holds European values and operates according to international business standards. We take seriously our responsibility to pay in full and on time the taxes that go to national and local budgets.  Therefore over the last three years we have enriched the national budget by over a billion hryvnia. Mriya Agro Holding regularly and publicly announces how much tax its enterprises have paid. We believe that openness and honesty from Ukrainian business is the way to national economic growth and financial stability for Ukrainians as individuals.’

Earlier in the year Mriya Agro Holding announced its 2017 taxes. The total for the year across budgets at all levels was UAH 443.8m, 24% more than in 2016.  The Mriya Agro Holding enterprises situated in Ternopil oblast paid taxes amounting to UAH 275.16m, which is UAH 87.24m more than the corresponding total for 2016.