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MRIYA Agro Holding Begins Harvesting Potatoes

MRIYA Agro Holding has recently begun harvesting potatoes. This year, 2,000 hectares of the crop were planted in Ternopil region. Due to varied ripening times, the harvest will finish no earlier than October. The Agro Holding uses state-of- the-art equipment to harvest the crop.

“We are using four TECTRON 415 harvesters made by GRIMME and worth €600,000 each to harvest the potatoes,” explains COO of MRIYA Agro Holding Viktor Kukharchuk. “It’s worth noting that until recently (2-4 years ago) only eight such machines existed in the entire world. As of today, only four are present in Ukraine – and we own all of them. It’s a real joy working with such technology. This combined harvester’s technical specifications allow us to harvest the potatoes very gently without damaging them during excavation, cleaning, temporary storage or unloading. Another advantage of TECTRON is its real-time camera monitoring system, which provides almost perfect control over excavation, possible malfunctions, unloading speed and any other harvesting processes. This is very important, as we more than quadrupled potato acreage this year. Last year, because of all the issues inherited from the previous management, the Company was forced to plant on a relatively modest area of 460 hectares. However, this allowed MRIYA to preserve crop diversity as well as maintain its presence in this business area to restore production volumes to prior levels and return to large-scale ultivation of potatoes as early as this year. In addition, we will use tractor-drawn harvesters GRIMME SE 150-60.”

As a reminder, MRIYA Agro Holding is a leading producer and breeder of potatoes in Ukraine. The Agro Holding cultivates over 20 varieties of potatoes classified into three categories. As a leading breeder of seed potatoes in Ukraine, the Company cultivates them for own needs as well as for sale. For long-term storage, the Agro Holding uses two modern warehouses with a total capacity of 100,000 tons. “MRIYA” also owns two starch factories, one of which will be launched in the nearest future.