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Mriya Agro Holding completes harvest of early cereals

Mriya Agro Holding has completed the first wave of the 2017 harvest, bringing in 240,000 tonnes of early cereals from a total area of 57,200 hectares. The largest proportion, as is traditional for Mriya, was winter wheat with gross output 176,400 tonnes from 35,300 hectares. The harvesting of winter barley, winter oilseed rape, winter rye, spring oilseed rape, spring barley, spring wheat and peas is now also finished. During the summer harvest campaign Mriya simultaneously deployed 508 vehicles which it either owned outright or leased—120 combine harvesters and 388 agricultural motor vehicles for crop transport.

Andrei Hryhorov, operations director at Mriya Agro Holding, gave the first provisional results of the campaign: ‘The harvest went according to plan and the agronomists’ schedule. Our aim this year was to optimise costs rather than maximise yields and we are happy with the result. Yields exceeded the plan by 26% in spring barley and 17% in winter oilseed rape, for example. At the same time we are preparing the ground for the autumn sowing campaign, which has begun already with winter oilseed rape and will continue with winter wheat. By the time the autumn work in the field begins in earnest we plan to make substantial inroads into machinery shortages and will move towards intensified use of technology and improved yields.’

The harvest in Mriya’s fields continues. Preparations are in hand to bring in maize, sugar beet, soya and sunflower.