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Mriya Agro Holding makes start on sugar beet campaign in Ternopil

Mriya Agro Holding has begun sowing this season's sugar beet crop, with a coverage of 3,500 hectares in the Ternopil, Pidvolochysk and Husiatyn areas.

Andriy Hrihorov, Chief Operating Officer, said: "Mriya is sowing sugar beet for the first time since control of the company was transferred to its creditors. The choice of this crop for cultivation was motivated by the huge demand for it as a raw material in the sugar industry in western Ukraine. Radekhiv-Tsukor has already signed a contract with Mriya this year to buy its sugar beet. Hrihorov added that the recent ownership change at T-Tsukor sugar refineries, paving the way for cooperation in raw material production with the agro-producers, was a welcome move and Mriya was keen to see the factories in the local area back in operation as this would also mean job creation and taxes being paid into the local budget. This had encouraged Mriya to include sugar beet in its sowing structure for this year and we are planning to remain this culture in the future. It would be able to consider its options to increase cultivation of sugar beet depending on harvest results this fall."

Mriya Agro Holding is fully equipped for the sugar beet campaign, with the company's own precision seeders, forklifts and beet harvesters. The crop will be collected from the fields by the sugar producers, using their own trucks. 

After the 2014 default, control of T-Tsukor (the Huta family's sugar holding) was not transferred to Mriya creditors as this company had in terms of its legal structure never been part of the Agro-holding. In 2017, however, Radekhiv-Tsukor, part of Pfeifer&Langen (Germany) acquired four factories that been part of T-Tsukor.