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Mriya Agro Holding paid UAH 443.8 million in taxes and gave UAH 21.5 million to social projects in 2017

Mriya Agro Holding has reported its 2017 taxes and social projects. In the year just ended the Company paid taxes totalling UAH 443.8 million to public budgets at all levels, which is a 24% increase on the corresponding figure for 2016. By way of its Charitable Fund it donated UAH 21.5 million to social projects, an increase of UAH 1.2 million.

Mriya Agro Holding CEO Simon Cherniavsky said: ‘As Mriya continues its recovery and increases output it is only to be expected that its tax contributions and financial support to communities and shareholders also rise. Our long-term Corporate Social Responsibility strategy contains not only assistance to help communities deal with their most pressing social problems, but also strategic development projects. For the last two years we have actively supported the cooperative movement in rural areas. We see it as offering people the possibility of earning a decent living in their own country, pursuing personal development and making a contribution to the development of their villages.’

Mriya has established a special budget to support the cooperative movement. It was UAH 1.3 million in 2017, up UAH 430,000 from 2016. The money went to support and expand existing cooperatives and establish new ones including dairies, berry growers, beekeepers and a soil treatment cooperative.

The social budget is traditionally spent on supporting infrastructure projects, medicine, culture, education, sport and support for participants in the Anti-Terrorist Operation. The main projects supported by Mriya in 2017 included the purchase of medical rucksacks for the Ternopil Artillery Brigade, a waste separation pilot project in Ternopil oblast, customs clearance and delivery of medical equipment for healthcare providers in Chernivtsi oblast, repairs at the Velyky Hovyliv (Ternopil oblast) medical and obstetric station, construction of a water main in the village of Chorna in Khmelnitskyi oblast and others besides. The main targets for social investment (UAH 4.6 million) were infrastructure projects to repair roads and install street lighting or water mains.