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Mriya Agro Holding regains control of Kozova truck company

The state registration complaints committee of Ukraine’s Ministry of Justice has cancelled the unlawful registration of ownership rights to a transportation company belonging to Novagros, in Kozova, Ternopil region. In an earlier decree, in November 2016, the Ministry of Justice had cancelled the unlawful registration of amendments to Novagros’s statutory documents and restored the corporate rights of Mriya Agro Holding to this legal entity.

Pavel Moroz, Deputy Minister of Justice, commented: "The Ministry’s cancelled the unlawful registration, explained that this was the way the assets of Mriya, whose creditors had invested more than a billion dollars in Ukraine, had been saved. The company develops  the agrimarket, make its tax contributions and create thousands of jobs. The state registration complaints committee is always firmly on the side of law and justice, despite constant pressure. He added that while the committee is systematically threatened and smeared in the corrupt press, it is never deflected from its stance on legality, and it will continue to act strictly within the law."

Like scores of other legal entities, Novagros was illegally extracted from the company in the summer of 2014 by the managers of the Huta family (the previous owners of the company), several weeks before the announcement of Mriya’s default. Later, in November 2015, Novagros assets were resold by Rockmar whose founder and director is Anatoly Kirpa, the same Kirpa who was head of Mriya’s security department before the default.

Sergei Ignatovskii, the Agro Holding’s director of legal matters, commented: "The restitution of rights in the truck company in Kozova represented another progress marker in the return of assets stolen by the former owners and managers to the Holding’s international investors. The transportation company was one of three major assets illegally removed from the company. Measures are still in hand to restore ownership rights to the transportation company in Khorostkiv and the potato storage unit in Tovstenke, Ternopil."

By way of background, corporate rights in ten legal entities have already been returned to Mriya, along with their land assets of 5,000 hectares. The previous management of the company had illegally re-registered these to third-party individuals with no connection to Mriya.