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Mriya Agro Holding starts sugar beet harvest

Mriya Agro Holding has started the sugar beet harvest. This is the first season the company has grown sugar beet since control of its assets was transferred to creditors in 2015. Mriya plans to harvest sugar beet on a total of 3,500 hectares in Ternopil oblast.

‘Mriya Agro Holding is fully equipped to harvest sugar beet,’ said COO Andriy Hryhorov. ‘We will employ five sugar beet combines owned by us, four specialist machines and auxiliary machinery to bring in the crop. It has been a successful growing season and our team of engineers and agronomists has done an outstanding job of looking after the crop. Consequently we expect a yield of at least 45 tonnes per hectare.’

As reported previously, Mriya decided to resume growing sugar beet because of strong demand for raw material for sugar production in the west of the country and the return to operation of four sugar refineries in Ternopil oblast. The refineries, it should be remembered, used to belong to the Guta family’s holding company T-Tsukor, which was never legally part of Mriya Agro Holding. They stood idle between 2015 and 2017. In early 2017 they were transferred to new owners, Radekhivskyi Sugar LLC (part of the international Pfeifer & Langen group, Germany). That created an opportunity for cooperation between agricultural producers and sugar refiners, and relieved the social tensions over the fate of the regional sugar industry.