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Mriya completes the 2018 harvest

MRIYA Agro Holding has completed the harvest of late legumes and oilseeds. It harvested 33,100 ha of sunflower, 25,300 ha of soya and 14,900 ha of maize. For 2018 as a whole, the total harvested area was around 137,000 ha grains, legumes and oilseeds (production over 457,000 t) and 635 ha potato (23,000 t).

‘This year, despite unreliable weather, we end the legume and oilseed harvest with production higher than planned. We had high expectations for yields in these crops, and they have been met,’ said MRIYA Agro Holding COO Andriy Hryhorov. ‘The team got the job done smartly and with minimal costs, and reacted in good time to the difficulties of the season. Because of that, we finished the harvest campaign on time and with a good result.’

MRIYA Agro Holding is now concluding the harvest of 7,273 ha of sugar beet for sending to refineries by mid-December 2018.