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Mriya has started field work

Mriya Agro Holding has started field work: the application of winter feed for the 2017 harvest has begun, first in Chernivtsi Region with ammonium nitrate for winter wheat, followed by Ivano-Frankivsk Region.

Mriya is actively preparing for the start of the sowing season.  Already over 30,000 seeds have been bought at a cost of USD 3 million as well as 22,000 tonnes of mineral fertilisers at a cost of USD 6 million.  The company has also bought spare parts for all the machinery that will be used for spring sowing work and is in the process of buying weedkillers.  In addition, Mriya is continuing to re-build its equipment stock.  At the beginning of the year, it bought and took delivery of semi-trailers, seeders, loading devices and fuel tankers for USD 1.1 million.  Mriya is expecting the next delivery of equipment in March.

“Our priority this season apart from winter wheat is sunflower and maize”, Andrеy Grigorov, Mriya’s operations director said.  “Considering that maize turned out successfully last season, we plan to sow more this year.  Given the high demand for sugar beet in our region, we have decided to grow this crop again.”

Last autumn, Mriya sowed 55,300 ha of land for the 2017 harvest of which 40,100 ha was winter wheat, 14,600 winter rapeseed and 600 ha other crops.