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Unsecured restructuring

Mriya is intending to launch the implementation procedure for its unsecured restructuring within the next few days. The procedure is expected to take around 2 months and include, among other things, creditors voting to approve the restructuring at the Mriya Agro Holding PlC (Cyprus) level and a subsequent offer to exchange unsecured claims into the Restructuring Notes, Equity and Recovery Certificates as announced on 23 April 2018. All required voting and exchange offer documentation will be publicly available in due course. Creditors will be given at least a 3 weeks notice periods to take their decisions.

In parallel, Mriya is progressing discussions with parties interested in purchasing the group following completion of the restructuring. A bid to acquire the group may or may not be received by end of May. Mriya will inform its creditors about the bid progress in due course.