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Mriya Agro Holding has joined the promotional tour of Kyivstar's mobile application m Agri

The m‑Agri app is a cutting-edge application designed to provide farmers with easy access to best practices, knowledge bases, industry price offers, news, training resources and online consultations.  The beta version of the business application was launched by Kyivstar in early June 2018.

The m‑Agri app currently has seven main sections:  News, Market Prices, Weather, Finance, Knowledge Base, Smart Assistant, and Messages.  Financial services and a trading platform will be added at some point in the future. Kyivstar has organised a promotional tour in the cities of Ukraine to demonstrate the practical capabilities of the application to potential users, and provide information on related services. Mriya Agro Holding has also supported this event, as it understands the great importance and benefits of introducing innovative solutions in agriculture.

‘I downloaded the application yesterday, and tried it out. I'm confident that the application is genuinely useful.  I noted a large number of interesting options that will be relevant for Ukrainian farmers and anyone who is interested in growing agricultural produce.  I constantly communicate with them on work-related issues, so I know that there are not enough tools for farmers to get hold of up-to-date information. The application from Kyivstar provides the most convenient solution to this problem. You can easily get access to data from your phone’, says Sergey Ovchar, now an active user of the business application.

It has become much easier for rural residents to access the agricultural application from Kyivstar since the launch of new 4G mobile phone technology in Ukraine, the coverage of which is constantly expanding. The m‑Agri app is available as a free download for subscribers of all mobile operators in Ukraine. Mriya recommends that farmers, land owners, members of agricultural service cooperatives and all those who work in agriculture or who are simply interested in this industry to install the application on their smartphones.