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Mriya Agro Holding and TNEU sign memorandum of cooperation

The CEO of Mriya Agro Holding Simon Cherniavsky and the Rector of Ternopil National Economic University (TNEU) Andriy Krysovaty signed a Memorandum of Cooperation at a formal signing ceremony at TNEU on Friday, 15 December.

The agreement aims to enhance cooperation between the university and Mriya Agro Holding on innovation and investment, consulting, teaching, exchange of experience, joint participation in professional activities, and so on. Both sides are leaders in their area of expertise: TNEU is a major university in the Ternopil region and Mriya is well established among the leading agricultural producers in Western Ukraine.

Mriya Agro Holding CEO Simon Cherniavsky said: ‘Mriya and TNEU cooperate already—our company employs 167 of their graduates. And very well trained they are too. The time has now come for a written agreement to formalise that cooperation and specify the areas where our effort will achieve maximum effect.’ Mriya, he said, would offer TNEU students an excellent base for work experience placements and opportunities of future employment.

The university—which boasts a special faculty of agrarian economics and management training specialists in agriculture—is also pleased at the new partnership. TNEU Rector Andriy Krysovaty pointed out that Mriya employed graduates from beyond the agrarian faculty: ‘They also recruit our lawyers and accountants: as a multi-profile holding they need a wide range of specialists. We believe in the future of this country and look forward to large investments working for our native region.’

Mriya staff hosted visits from TNEU students in the summer and were able to tell them about and show them the interesting, productive work available at the Company. The students were taken into the Company’s fields, visited a maintenance base and grain elevator and were much interested to see production processes for themselves. Back at Mriya’s offices in Ternopil they received an interesting and informative seminar on IT in the agro business. Mriya experts also gave guest lectures for students on topics including the cooperative movement.

‘From our side,’ said Simon Cherniavsky, ‘we are interested in qualified highly skilled staff and will therefore help the university improve the content of its teaching programme by giving specialist conferences, seminars or lectures and creating and distributing teaching materials, and we will also help the best students to find jobs.’

Mriya insist that the people, the specialists, that it employs are crucial to its work. For that reason the Company has decided to deal with the human resource process systematically by not just seeking to recruit graduates but helping students to choose a career.