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Mriya Agro Holding has started a harvesting campaign

The harvesting campaign has started in Mriya’s fields - recently the company successfully brought in winter barley on the Pivdennyi cluster (Chernivtsi region) and began harvesting winter wheat and rape. Next in line are peas, spring rape, barley, wheat and winter rye. In total during the summer, the Company plans to harvest crops from a total area of 58,000 hectares. Winter wheat will be the largest crop (35,700 hectares) in line with traditional practice at Mriya.

For the early cereals harvest, the Company will simultaneously bring over 500 units of equipment: 108 combines and 400  trucks for taking the crop from the fields and transporting it to the elevators. All the company’s elevators and grain storage facilities are ready to receive the crop.

“The harvest has started without problems, but we can already say that the main difficulties in harvesting this year will be weather-related”, Andriy Hryhorov, Mriya’s Director of Operations said. “The cool and damp summer led to postponement of the planned start dates for the harvest  as well as of the  harvesting schedule for certain crops. In these conditions, rape, peas, and wheat will ripen almost all at the same time - so all agricultural enterprises in western Ukraine will face the need to harvest several crops simultaneously. At Mriya, we are equipped with everything we need to cope with harvests within the agronomic period. In terms of crop yield, we expect to exceed the average level in Ukraine, Hryhorov added.

Along with the harvesting, the company will prepare fields for the autumn sowing campaign. New equipment will be used in the process. Since the beginning of 2017, Mriya has added to its machinery pool 38 pieces of equipment with a total value of USD 7.2 million and continues to invest in new equipment.

In September, Mriya plans to start harvesting late cereals and legume crops as well as sugar beet.