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Mriya Agro Holding buys $7.2m of new machinery

Since the beginning of 2017 Mriya Agro Holding has bought 38 new machines at a total cost of $7.2m. The newly acquired machinery is to be used in this year’s sowing campaign and comprises four CASE IH Quadtrac 500 tractors, one John Deere 9510R tractor, twelve CASE 4430 self-propelled sprayers, three Amity continuous drills, two Amazone fertiliser spreaders, five Agrisem disc harrows, seven Manitou loaders and four DAF trucks.

‘Although we purchase every year, our demand for equipment remains high. The company’s previous owners and management, just before they defaulted on the company’s debts, removed over a thousand pieces of equipment from Mriya, leaving it practically devoid of machinery. Since 2015 we have invested $21m in replenishing the fleet. We plan to spend $10m on new purchases this year, aiming to make up the machinery shortage completely by 2019,’ said Mriya Agro Holdings chief operations officer Andriy Hryhorov.

The choice of machines depends in part on changes in technology. ‘We are gradually moving away from no-till farming which, for want of equipment, we adopted in the first few years following the change of ownership. The emphasis now is on preparing the soil properly for sowing.’

Mriya Agro Holding is going full speed ahead with this year’s sowing campaign. It plans to work 85,400 hectares for spring crops and 55,000 hectares for winter crops. The priorities among the spring crops are sunflower, maize and soya, which will be sown on 32,000 hectares, 20,300 hectares and 17,000 hectares respectively. Sugar beet will also be sown for the first time since Mriya Agro Holding’s change of ownership. It will be grown on 3,500 hectares in Ternopil oblast for the processors Radekhivskyi Sugar LLC.