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MRIYA Agro Holding completes potato harvest

MRIYA Agro Holding has completed the potato harvest on 634 hectares.  The average yield was above plan at 37.7 t/ha. This season MRIYA grew Romano, Vineta, Opal, Carrera, Sifra, Eurostarch and Suzana varieties for consumption and starch.

‘Potatoes, as we have often said, are a strategic interest for us,’ said MRIYA Agro Holding COO Andrey Grigorov. ‘So we purposely increased the area planted with potatoes from 92 ha in 2017 to 634 ha in 2018. Next year we intend to plant 2038 ha. Also, under the long-term plan for potatoes, we renewed 100% of our seed stock in 2017 by buying elite seed potatoes from Germany and the Netherlands.’

This year’s harvest will be part sold to outside buyers and part kept for seed.

MRIYA Agro Holding is a leading producer and breeder of potatoes in Ukraine. It has capacity to store around 52,000 tonnes of potatoes in its own modern storage facilities equipped with sorting lines and humidity and temperature control. MRIYA’s assets also include a starch factory in Ternopil oblast capable of handling up to 600 tonnes of potatoes a day.

MRIYA Agro Holding completes potato harvest