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MRIYA Agro Holding publishes full report on the implementation of tax and social obligations for 2018

MRIYA Agro Holding has shared its full report on the amount of taxes paid and investments made by the Company in social projects in 2018. The information contains detailed data in terms of areas and districts where MRIYA works.

You can read the report by following the link.

As previously reported, for the previous year, the Company paid 465 million UAH to the budgets of all levels. Compared to 2017, this indicator increased by 21.2 million UAH. Also for the implementation of social projects in 2018, Agro Holding allocated 27.4 million UAH, which is 6 million UAH more than last year.

As a reminder, in August 2018 Mriya Agro Holding successfully completed the restructuring of its debt. Then in November, the company signed a deal to sell its assets to the international investor SALIC UK. Today Mriya continue its operations in Ukraine alongside SALIC’s subsidiary, Continental Farmers Group (CFG). The combined business has a land bank of 195,000 ha under cultivation in Western Ukraine.