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Mriya starts sowing winter crops for 2019 harvest

Mriya Agro Holding has started sowing winter crops for the 2019 harvest. As is custoomary, they have begun by sowing winter rapeseed, to cover an area of 20,400 ha. Mriya plans to sow 36,300 ha of winter wheat. The land is being prepared for sowing at the same time as the Agro Holding's fields are being harvested. The sowing of 13,000 ha of winter barley is also planned. Mriya will sow a total of 69,700 ha of winter crops for the 2019 harvest.

‘This year’s autumn sowing campaign started a few days later than usual.  This was due to weather conditions, which led to delays in harvesting the preceding crop. But the weather is now suitable for sowing winter crops, and we are sowing in all clusters of the Company where winter rapeseed is to be grown’, says Andrey Grigorov, Mriya's Chief Operations Officer.

Mriya plans to finish sowing the winter rapeseed by the end of August, after which it will start sowing winter barley and wheat.  The Agro Holding has also almost finished harvesting its early grain crops. The harvest schedule changed slightly due to unfavourable weather conditions at the start and middle of the summer.