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Mriya kicks off sowing campaign

Mriya Agro Holding has begun sowing early crops for harvest in 2018. During the spring sowing campaign, Mriya will sow 103,250 hectares, 18,000 hectares more than last year. Sowing this year began later than planned because of the late spring.

‘The spring weather means we have to get all the sowing done in less time than usual,’ said Mriya Agro Holding COO Andriy Hryhorov. ‘We have adjusted our plans and deliberately increased the proportion of early cereals in our crop structure: we will now have 14,200 hectares under spring wheat and 7,500 hectares under oilseed rape. We also managed to hire in additional tillage machinery and seed drills at short notice, so we expect to be able to complete the sowing of earlies without falling behind the plan.’

Mriya’s strategic early crops this year are, as before, sunflower (which will be grown on 33,500 hectares), maize (14,800 hectares), soya (24,700 hectares) and sugar beet, the area under which is being doubled from last year to 7,200 hectares. Mriya’s crop structure traditionally includes also peas (356 hectares) and potatoes (660 hectares). In the 2018 sowing campaign Mriya will in part sow seeds, soya particularly, from its own production.

In March, in preparation for the spring field work, Mriya increased its equipment fleet with 22 new pieces of equipment at a total cost of USD 2.8 million. The company bought six new trailer sprayers and 16 tractors of various power outputs.