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Harvesting starts at Mriya Agro Holding

Mriya Agro Holding has started its crop harvest.  Harvesting started in Chernivtsi Oblast, with the threshing of winter barley.  This will be followed by the harvesting of winter rapeseed and winter wheat: this season 17,700 ha and 25,500 ha respectively were sown.  Mriya plans to harvest a total of 147,000 ha in 2018.

‘This year, harvesting started about a week earlier than usual.  This is due to drought and high temperatures in April and May, which are not typical for our region’, says Andrey Grigorov, Mriya Agro Holding's Chief Operations Officer. ‘The spring drought negatively affected crop conditions, especially spring crops, which saw virtually no rainfall during their active growing season. But, despite the unfavourable weather conditions, we expect to meet our yield targets this season’.    

For harvesting, Mriya is using 68 of its own combine harvesters, and 36 hired ones, as well as about 500 trucks for removing and transporting the crop.  The Agro Holding's grain elevators are fully ready to store and process the grain. 

While the harvesting is being carried out, Mriya is also preparing the soil for the sowing of winter crops. The Agro Holding continues to replenish and update its fleet of agricultural machinery to ensure that agricultural work is carried out effectively. For instance, in March 2018 Mriya purchased 22 items of agricultural machinery worth $2.8 million, while a total of $29.2 million has been invested in agricultural machinery since 2015.