MRIYA Agro Holding news

MRIYA Agro Holding continues supplementing its fleet of agricultural, logistics, transport, and special equipment. Most recently, the Company purchased two John Deere 7930 tractors and four Challenger 8186 No-till sowing machines worth over $660,000. [...]

On April 7, 2016, representatives of MRIYA Agro Holding, Case IH in Ukraine, and Agroalliance gathered in Khorostkiv, Ternopil region to present new agricultural equipment recently purchased by “MRIYA” as part of its program to restore the Company’s equipment fleet. [...]

MRIYA Agro Holding is preparing to begin spring sowing. The Company has allocated over 86,500 hectares of land for 2016 spring crops. In MRIYA’s spring crop rotation, this year’s leader is sunflower, which is to be sown on 43,000 hectares. The crop showed good results last year – the first time the Company ever sowed sunflower – which is why MRIYA plans to increase the sowing area this year. [...]