MRIYA Agro Holding news

MRIYA Agro Holding has finished threshing early grain crops, including winter wheat and barley as well as spring barley. The Company has harvested 316,000 tons of early grains on 72,600 hectares. Specifically, MRIYA threshed 262,000 tons of winter wheat and 652 tons of winter barley harvested on 61,500 hectares as well as 53,000 tons of spring barley harvested on 11,100 hectares. [...]

Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Commercial Court dismissed without consideration the claim of Global Feed LLC against MRIYA Service LLC (part of MRIYA Agro Holding) to invalidate the lease agreement for buildings and structures at the auto transport site in Khorostkiv. [...]

MRIYA Agro Holding has starting sowing winter crops for the harvest of 2017. As of August 21, over 50% of the planned volume of winter rapeseed has already been sown. The area allocated for this crop is approximately the same as last year – 20,000 hectares. [...]